Doors ≠ Bikes 💥

Doors ≠ Bikes 💥

I found the Lightning quite intimidating in normal mode, but when it comes to Sport mode, it's a whole different story. The sheer speed left my wife feeling queasy, while I couldn't help but grin. Now, let's dive into some electric vehicle and autonomous vehicle news!

“Nobody's perfect, but all of us can be better than we are.”

– Sir Jackie Stewart

Mobileye &...

Who did Mobileye recently partner with to incorporate autonomous technology?

  1. BMW
  2. Ford
  3. Tesla
  4. Porsche

The answer is here.

EV Charging 101

We are excited to announce our partnership with EV Charging 101 for their upcoming EV Charging Summit. This exceptional event caters to professionals in the EV charging industry, offering a platform to explore financial incentives, promote clean transportation, and foster valuable connections. 

Participants can discover ways to utilize EV charging stations as profitable assets, implement strategic plans for site conversions, and gather insights from thriving companies to inspire innovation in their own organizations.

The virtual conference is scheduled for June 29-30. Don't miss out!

Our Top 10 EV/AV News Stories

  1. In the first quarter of 2023, total revenues for Rivian reached $661 million, fueled by the delivery of 7,946 vehicles, while 9,395 vehicles were produced during the same period.  By the close of Q1 2023, Rivian held $11.78 billion in cash, cash equivalents, and restricted cash.
  2. Lucid Group reported Q1 2023 revenue of $149.4 million and plans to produce over 10,000 vehicles this year, with a total liquidity of $4.1 billion expected to last until Q2 2024. The company's CEO highlighted the Lucid Air's awards and the upcoming 2024 Gravity SUV, while the CFO emphasized a 159% revenue increase and commitment to sustainability.
  3. Tesla has begun construction on a Texas lithium refinery, aiming to produce battery-grade lithium for 1 million EVs by 2025, making it the largest lithium processor in North America.
  4. The fully electric Volvo EX30 “small” SUV is set to debut globally and become available for reservation in the U.S. on June 7 at 7:30 AM ET, with more details to be revealed soon.
  5. Waymo introduces Safe Exit, a feature that uses sensors to alert passengers when it is safe to exit the vehicle, preventing dooring incidents with approaching cars, cyclists, or pedestrians.
  6. The A290_β is Alpine's first step towards an all-electric Dream Garage in 2024, combining motorsport heritage with urban design to create a versatile and sustainable electric sports car.
  7. Tesla has reduced Supercharger prices by 10-25% across most European markets as energy prices stabilize following the crisis.
  8. The South Pasadena Police Department plans to become the first in the U.S. to use a fully-electric fleet, purchasing 10 Tesla Model Y patrol vehicles and expecting over $300k in savings per vehicle in fueling and maintenance costs over ten years.
  9. Oregon's electric vehicle rebate program has been suspended after distributing over $75 million in funds, with the state planning to replenish the program while continuing to invest in charging infrastructure.
  10. Swiss Transit Lab and Sensible 4 have launched a long-term dual-mode automated driving service in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, aiming to integrate autonomous vehicles into the city's mass transit infrastructure.

Ned’s Corner

Norway knows what's up. This article (NYT link below) gives a window into the future that we have ahead in the US if we successfully transition to electric transportation. The strategy that worked for Norway- removing friction from the process- is exactly what I'm hoping to accomplish for fleets here in the US.

This photo is from one of my first DCFC sessions four years ago. (I've had an EV since 2014, but the EVs I owned until this trip were AC charging only.) This was a little 50kW ABB E-mobility charger at a rural gas station outside Hokksund, population 8,000. At that exit there are now 25 fast charging stations with over 150kW capacity!

It's a testament to Norway's leadership in electrification that even four years ago, I could take an 80-mile range EV out into the mountains and know there would be charging available. I didn't plan my charging in advance, I just looked at PlugShare to see pins along my route and struck out with faith in the Norwegian energy transition.

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