🗲Watt a Car

🗲Watt a Car

This week, I spoke with a new EV owner who had recently purchased a Tesla. When I asked what influenced his decision, he cited the recent price drops. It appears that Tesla has reduced prices again for the sixth time this year….

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“I find it a lot healthier for me to be someplace where I can go outside in my bare feet.”

– James Taylor

White House Quiz

What is the name of the call to action from The White House related to transitioning to EVs? 

  1. Get Juiced
  2. The EV Ramp-Up Challenge
  3. The EV Fast Program
  4. The EV Acceleration Challenge

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On Tuesday's poll, the Rivian R1T emerged as the winner, securing 45.83% of the votes while the Hummer EV came in second. Surprisingly, the Lightning didn't receive any picks. Sad day.  

@ Scott, I agree.  The Rivian is definitely more of a lifestyle brand.  I still like our Lightning though.  Come on, that frunk is awesome.

@Audi3.2, agreed about the Rivian.  The Cybertruck looks like it’s from another planet.  I kind of like it.

World Premier of the ID.7

Volkswagen introduces the new ID.7, its first global electric model for the upper mid-size class, featuring a range of up to 435 miles, a powerful 210 kW motor, and a spacious, high-quality interior. Designed for long-distance travel, the ID.7 is almost five meters long and offers premium technologies, including a new operating and display concept. 

The ID.7 is set to launch in Europe and China this year, with a North American release in 2024. By 2026, Volkswagen aims to offer the widest electric range among manufacturers in Europe, with the goal of an 80% electric car share by 2030 and producing only electric vehicles in Europe from 2033.


  • New Volkswagen ID.7 with up to a 435-mile range
  • Charging capacity of up to 200 kW
  • Launching in Europe and China this year
  • Launching in North America in 2024
  • Volkswagen aims for an 80% electric car share in Europe by 2030 and to produce only electric vehicles in Europe from 2033

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In Other EV News

  • Polestar has unveiled its new electric performance SUV coupé, the Polestar 4, featuring a focus on aerodynamics, a spacious interior, and a top speed of 155 mph. The vehicle boasts a range of up to 373 miles (WLTP), bi-directional charging capability, and supports up to 200 kW DC and 22 kW AC charging.
  • JLR announced plans to accelerate its transition to become a leading modern luxury car manufacturer by turning its Halewood plant in the UK into an all-electric production facility.  JLR's Engine Manufacturing Centre in Wolverhampton, UK, will shift to electric drive unit and battery pack production.
  • Cirba Solutions announced a $300 million investment into a lithium-ion EV battery recycling facility in South Carolina, aiming to create a sustainable closed-loop battery supply chain. This flagship facility located in the US, “Battery Belt”, will process end-of-life batteries and gigafactory scrap to extract critical materials, providing enough recycled materials to power over 500,000 EV batteries annually.
  • New Jersey's Charge Up program, which offers residents up to $4,000 when purchasing or leasing electric vehicles, has been temporarily paused due to depleted funds from the high demand.
  • The Volkswagen Group is investing €1 billion in a new development, innovation, and procurement center in Hefei, China, with the aim of aligning with Chinese customer preferences and reducing development times by 30%. The new company, called 100%TechCo, will combine R&D and procurement, integrate local suppliers early in the development process, and employ over 2,000 staff, launching in 2024.
  • Unveiling its autonomous driving and BEV roadmap, Li Auto targets 100-city coverage for its Li AD Max 3.0 system by the end of 2023 and introduces an 800-volt fast charging solution, enabling a 10-minute charge for a 400 km driving range.

Energized- Ned’s Corner

I energized two new DC chargers from two different OEMs in under 24 hours at the charge lab last week, which was really neat! Moving our input power from hard-wired to receptacle connected made change-outs in the lab much faster. It's nice to have a plan work out as hoped! I switched from one charger energized to another in under 23 seconds earlier today! Yes, I timed myself.

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About Ned

Ned is an EV professional with experience with chargers from 1 to 500kW and EVs ranging from unicycles to buses and class 8 trucks. An EV owner since 2014, he is currently a Technical Solutions Manager with Electrada. He develops and refines charging solutions for fleets using his engineering experience to drive for high uptime, reliability, and efficiency.

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